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ebm-papst ZEITLAUF NoiselessPlus planetary gearheads – unique smoothness

The NoiselessPlus Planetary gearhead from ebm-papst ZEITLAUF is one of the smoothest running and quietest planetary gearheads currently available on the market. NoiselessPlus is setting new standards for planetary gearheads – with outstanding properties which offer clear advantages in all areas of application:

    • maximum smoothness
    • high radial loads
    • unbeatable reductions

NoiselessPlus shows its strengths best wherever the application requires maximum power output and lowest noise generation. This unique compact drive can cope with a wide range of different tasks: 

Sound levels
The Noiseless-Plus planetary gearheads were given their name for good reason. Measurements taken in a certified noise laboratory confirm top values for smoothness and noise reduction. These exemplary sound levels are achieved by a combination of modified tooth design and precision manufacturing of gearhead parts.

Radial loads
Thanks to their ingenious design, NoiselessPlus planetary gearheads are also eminently suitable for coping with extreme radial loads. Double ball bearing-mounted output shafts ensure the required load capacity even at very high speeds. There is no need for counter-bearing the output shaft in the application.

Reduction comparison
The single-stage NoiselessPlus planetary gearhead versions make reductions of up to 21:1 possible. This is significantly better than any other comparable product can offer – these achieve maximum reductions of only 10:1. The two-stage of NoiselessPlus versions can even achieve reductions of 231:1, whereas the two-stage products of competitors can only achieve maximum reductions of 70:1. The reductions offered as standard for NoiselessPlus are harmoniously graded from 4.33 to 231:1. Further reductions can be realised for special applications.

Gearhead stages
NoiselessPlus gearheads are ideally designed to cope with the high speeds of the first stage and the large torques in the output stage. Planet wheels made of high-grade plastic guarantee optimum noise reduction during operation. The helical teeth ensure even, flowing contact and thus enable especially high load transfer coupled with excellent smoothness.
The bearing bores in the plastic planetary wheels have cross-grinding which ensures optimum embedding of the lubricant over the whole gearhead service life. The complete gearhead is encased in a single-piece planetary housing made of turned, solid aluminium. The teeth are slotted rather than cast, for maximum precision. The result: unique smoothness and minimum wear.

Material combinations
Flexible and versatile – ebm-papst ZEITLAUF designs your gearhead solution to your custom requirements thanks to the modular principle. ebm-papst ZEITLAUF adapts your NoiselessPlus system exactly to your smoothness, torque or power requirements by replacing individual components with modules made of other materials. We can provide special customer-specific solutions starting at as few as 500 units per year.  

Motor attachment options
Usually, you will receive NoiselessPlus drives as complete units made up of motor and gearhead, in particular with brushless EC-motor. The teeth of the sun wheel of the first stage (pinion) are milled directly into the motor shaft (pictured left). This makes compact gearhead design possible, as well as particularly low-noise rotation. If you would like to use other motors, you can connect these to the gearhead using bonded or push-on pinions. In the case of bonded pinions, fitting is carried out direct at ebm-papst ZEITLAUF to ensure permanent connection and optimum rotation properties (pictured centre). The push-on pinion is fixed on the motor shaft using a clamping ring and connected to the motor via a connecting flange (pictured right).

Attachment options for custom solutions
Usually, NoiselessPlus gearheads transfer torque through output shafts with feather key connection (DIN 6885, Form A, pictured left) or face (pictured centre). Manufacturing output shafts in special case-hardened steel makes both feather key groove and face particularly wear-proof. The use of special output shafts is also possible (pictured right), e.g. with double faces, offsets, (tapped) bore holes on the end and circumference, holes or serrations. ebm-papst ZEITLAUF can also provide flexibility in terms of pitch circle, centring and housing form, too.

NoiselessPlus planetary gearheads from ebm-papst ZEITLAUF are unequalled in terms of quietness and stand out for technical intelligence, durability and excellent value for money. The custom configuration possibilities, extremely sturdy low-maintenance components with a service life of more than 10,000 hours in nominal operation, as well as ease of integration into existing systems, provide you with clear cost advantages and long-term investment security.

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