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Energy efficient compact drives save substantial investment and operating costs in industrial applications

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Thomas Horz discussed the latest findings obtained from research and development at ebm-papst ZEITLAUF at a colloquium held in Munich by the Technical University of Munich and attended by a selected expert audience.

Production Congress of the Munich Events Programme, Colloquium of the Technical University of Munich 2010.

Thomas Horz, Managing Director of ebm-papst ZEITLAUF

At ebm-papst ZEITLAUF, a great deal of attention has been given to the entire production cycle and lifecycle of energy efficient compact drives for years past. Abundant expertise and many years of experience in developing first-class gearmotors have made this drive specialist into a technological leader in the sector. But what features obtain what savings? With the help of a model assembly line, ebm-papst ZEITLAUF shows in detail just what enormous savings of energy and resources can be obtained by replacing outdated drive, motor and control technologies with energy efficient gearhead technology coupled with modern motor concepts. The plainly visible advantages and savings are documented with figures, data and facts.

To the Munich Colloquium:
www.mueko.tum.de >>

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“Energy Efficient Compact drives” (2,3 MB) >>

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