Zeitlauf Antriebstechnik

Tough. Durable. Powerful.

With the Optimax, ebmpapst Zeitlauf has brought a new planetary transmission to the market. Compact in size, tough, durable and high capacity were the provisions given during the design phase.

The Optimax is perfectly balanced to suit the new high performance motors of the ECI series.

At only 67,5 cm in length and a diameter of 78,5 cm the Optimax is very compact. The optimized design of the planetary wheels allows for reductions of 3:1 to 45:1 at typical initial speeds of 4000 revs.

The 40mm long drive shaft can deal with radial and axial loads of up to 500 newton.  Thereby making it ideal for use with belt drives with initial tension.

A 90% effectiveness of each gear speed has been achieved through an optimized lubrication that cuts wear and decreases noise.

Up to 4 times overload-proof, the Optimax is really tough. Designed to be durable and dependable in environments from -20° to +90° in accordance with IP40. Dust and splash water impermeable in accordance with IP 54 is an optional extra.

Modular construction

The Optimax 63 is well balanced to run with the motors of the ECI series. The modular build allows for an uncomplicated set of all components from transmission to control electronics according to your requirements.

This gives you a sturdy drive unit that guarantees over 20.000 hours of maintenance free use. Whether for conveyance, lifting, adjusting or sorting, for access systems or pump drives, in long term or alternating use – the Optimax is always a safe choice.

Further Links

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