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Planetary gearhead Performax® Plus – maximum power in the smallest of spaces

As a unique derivative of the innovative Performax® planetary gearhead series from ebm-papst ZEITLAUF, patent pending, Performax® Plus is yet another significant milestone in the drive technology sector.

The new addition to the range is particularly impressive in terms of extremely high torque and extra robust construction. Performax® Plus is ideal for doing tough jobs in difficult conditions. In comparison to competitor products of similar specifications, Performax® gearheads offer very high power density as well as first-class smoothness and range of gear reductions.

The exceptional efficiency for which the entire Performax® series stands out, is due to a design feature with which ebm-papst ZEITLAUF makes best possible use of the space available within the gearhead – a radial screw joint for the individual casing elements provides maximum usable diameter for concave toothing. Solutions featuring axial screw joints, as used by many a competitor, restrict the space required for the toothing so that only relatively small concave toothing diameters are possible and therefore only limited loads can be transmitted.

Performax® Plus in detail
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As regards gear reductions, Performax® is also technologically well out in front. Reductions of up to 17:1 in a single stage are unique performance characteristics on the drives market – this means maximum power output from minimum installation space. On top of this, the reductions are harmoniously staged and are intentionally finely arranged in the smaller gear reductions range in particular. Many years of engineering expertise permits us, moreover, to make a motor shaft with only three teeth, even with one single tooth in special cases. Best possible tuning of gear reduction and motor output makes the planetary gearhead range a modular drive concept with utmost performance in mind.

More torque from greater toothing widths.
Additional optimisation of characteristics achieved with double bearing bushes.
Made for hard work: hardened steel carrier.

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