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ebm-papst ZEITLAUF EtaCrown® angle gearheads – outstanding energy efficiency

The drive technology inherent in the intelligent, innovative EtaCrown® angle gearhead from ebm-papst ZEITLAUF provides outstanding extra advantages:

  • more power output
  • more efficiency
  • more productivity
  • more torque
  • more cost savings

The technical details of the two sizes, EtaCrown® 75 and 52, prove this:

Angle gearheads EtaCrown® 75 and 52 have an efficiency factor greater than 85% in all reduction ranges. The toothed wheels of a crown gearhead roll off one another and do not slide, as is the case with a worm gear, for example. The energy loss from rolling friction is significantly lower than with sliding friction, which is why with the crown gearhead a significantly greater share of the power supplied is available as output power.

Extreme smoothness
The perfectly optimised smoothness typical of gearmotors from ebm-papst ZEITLAUF is also evident in both EtaCrown® ranges, of course. Optimum noise reduction is ensured by optimised rolling design and intelligent selection of tooth materials.

Optimum safety
Angle gearheads featuring crown gear technology are not self-locking and thus enable the drive to be turned backwards without any damage. This is an important safety aspect for a wide range of applications.

Maximum radial loads
The double ball bearing-mounted drive shaft featured in this angle gearhead makes maximum radial loads possible, independent of drive speed and service lifetime.

Powerful gear reduction performance
The gear reduction ratios available as standard for EtaCrown® range from 4 : 1 through to 113 : 1. This applies to both the 75 series and EtaCrown® 52.

Long lifetime
Thanks to the high efficiency rate, optimised tooth grip, the use of steel for the teeth as well as the technological advantage provided by a rolling movement, a standard lifetime of 5,000 hours can be guaranteed.

Maximum flexibility
EtaCrown® is unbeatably compact thanks to space-saving geometry and symmetrical design. Its flexibility is extremely convincing, with different optional output shafts, five possible screw attachment positions, the possibility of attaching brake and encoder and thanks to possible combination with all standard AC, DC and EC motors. There are practically no limits to the uses to which this drive solution can be put.

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