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ebm-papst ZEITLAUF – planetary gearheads

Planetary gearheads mean major transmission ratios packed into a small space. Planetary gearheads from ebm-papst ZEITLAUF also provide other outstanding features.

Choose from the following selection of planetary gearheads:

ebm-papst ZEITLAUF Planetary Gearhead Optimax – Tough and Durable

Robust design and durability are characteristics of the ebmpapst Zeitlauf 'Optimax'. Combined with the drives from our ECI series modular system you will find a solution for almost every purpose.

The ebmpapst Zeitlauf planetary gear Optimax
  • Planetary gearhead optimized for the new electronic commutated ECI motors from ebm-papst
  • Extreme high overload capability to cope with peak torques
  • Robust gear head concept for extended service life
  • Modular design and interfaces for maximum flexibility within ebm-papst system construction kit
  • High of efficiency realized in a compact design
  • Degree of protection IP 40 (optional IP 54)
  • The gear shaft can bear axial and radial loads of up to 500n

ebm-papst ZEITLAUF planetary gearhead NoiselessPlus – exceptional smoothness

Whenever maximum output accompanied by minimum noise emission is needed, NoiselessPlus planetary gearheads from ebm-papst ZEITLAUF have what it takes:

planetary gearhead Noiseless plus
planetary gearhead Noiseless plus
  • A gearmotor capable of standing up to extreme radial loads without loss of its low noise level.
  • These drives are designed for a total lifetime of 10,000 hours.
  • High reductions from 4.33 to 21 (single-stage) and from 26 to 231 (two-stage) achieved.
  • Ultimate smoothness is achieved using exceptionally strong low-wear plastic planet wheels inside an aluminium carrier with helical toothing produced by a slotting process.
  • Double ball bearing-mounted drive shafts efficiently cope with the forces that work on shafts undergoing high radial loads.
  • NoiselessPlus gearmotor drive shafts are manufactured from hardened ground steel and have a particularly long life.
  • Torque transmission is achieved as standard with a feather key or face connection.
  • If needed, shafts with double surfaces, shoulders, (tapped) holes, recesses or serrations are available.

Performax® – a successful concept gets even better

Advanced in design, Performax® gearheads are impressive by virtue of outstanding power density, ultimate smoothness and unique reduction ranges. This opens up unlimited application options for modern drive requirements. Performax® is a shining example of outstanding drive solutions and of the results of our more than 50 years of experience working in the drive technology sector.
Principally, it is this gearhead’s maximum power output at minimum space requirement that makes it possible to use single-stage planetary gearheads where the market can normally only provide two-stage gearheads.

  • Single-stage gear reductions of up to 17:1 mean that single-stage gearheads can be used instead of two-stage competitor products.
  • This planetary gearhead features angle-serrated plastic gear wheels in the first gear plus spur toothing inside a cast zinc carrier with case-hardened steel planet gears in the second gear.
  • Performax® gearmotors feature second-stage planet wheels with needle bearings as standard.
  • Naturally, all these drives, like all other gearmotors from ebm-papst ZEITLAUF, feature a hardened, ground drive shaft. It is available in two different versions (feather key or face).
  • Motors for the standard modular system are chosen for their power outputs. Each gear reduction has its own motor that best suits the optimum output of the gearmotor.
  • The Performax® planetary gearhead range consists of four sizes, i.e. 32, 42, 52 and 63.

Performax® Plus – convincing performance that makes drive solutions even better

Everywhere where difficult conditions hold sway and where drive solutions require robust
construction as well as high output performance, Performax® Plus can demonstrate its special strengths.
Extra power transmission results from toothing in the input stage being up to 100 percent larger and from increased strength obtained from concave toothing in hardened steel. Another advantage of the steel casing is its higher impact resistance.

planetary gearhead Performax plus
Performax® Plus in detail
Please click on the picture to get an enlarged view.

Using brushless electronically commutated motors plus optimum configuration and appropriate power density, very high input torques up to 1 Nm can be permitted.

More torque from greater toothing widths
Additional optimisation of characteristics achieved with double bearing bushes
Made for hard work: hardened steel carrier

Performax® Plus und HRL – an unbeatable Duo
Combining Performax® Plus with the HRL radial load stage produces a drive power package that has no equal.

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HRL radial load stage – defining performance limits new

The powerful HRL radial load specially for extra high radial loads is added to the innovative Performax® and Performax® Plus planetary gearheads by ZEITLAUF antriebstechnik. 
A special carrier enables bearing-mountings both sides and the planetary wheel needles to be precisely run. In turn, the carrier is properly supported by an efficient deep groove ball bearing. The resulting large bearing spacing is responsible for the significant increase in transferrable radial loads.

HRL radial load stage in detail
High-performance components for extra high radial loads

This optimum union of carrier and output shaft is able to guarantee very high torque values. The results are best possible rotation characteristics as well as superb smoothness – even given the highest radial loads. Whether in regard to smoothness, reduction, torque, efficiency factor or radial load - the Performax® planetary gearhead with the HRL radial load stage captivates with maximum values in all categories. 

Performax® Plus und HRL – an unbeatable Duo
Combining Performax® Plus with the HRL radial load stage produces a drive power package that has no equal.

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ebm-papst ZEITLAUF Focus planetary gearheads – absolute precision

Whenever it is necessary to reduce motor speed with least possible backlash, Focus planetary gearheads from ebm-papst ZEITLAUF come into their own:

  • Strict tolerances, an extremely torsion-resistant design plus the use of high-quality production processes mean that Focus planetary gearheads permit only minimum circumferential backlash.
  • In the first gears, plastic gearwheels with angled toothing engage with a slotted aluminium carrier.
  • The planetary gearhead’s planet gears are centred inside a planet gear carrier cage that passes on the transmitted torque to the second gear. This is equipped with a hardened, spur-toothed steel internal ring gear plus likewise hardened steel planet gears.
  • The planet gears of the second stage are mounted by means of needle bearings on the planet gear carrier, which, in turn, is mounted on the hardened, polished, double ball bearing-mounted output shaft.


ebm-papst ZEITLAUF NEMA connections for planetary gearheads and spur gearheads


ebm-papst ZEITLAUF has developed a perfect and above all standardised solution for users of small server and stepper motors with NEMA geometry:

gearheads that are readymade for attaching to NEMA motors. The NEMA interface permits the widest possible range of gears and motors to be assembled quickly, precisely and exactly-centred.

These gearmotors are available for sizes NEMA 17, 23 and 34. Our Flatline, Compactline, Performax and NoiselessPlus families each have one gearhead for all these sizes.

The advantages of NEMA connections from ebm-papst ZEITLAUF at a glance:

  • easy assembly
  • highly precise centring of the pinion
  • modular structure of the entire system
  • 174 alternatives (gearheads, reductions, types of output shaft bearing)
  • outstanding range of performance
  • noise optimized helical teeth in the 1st stage
  • plastic wheels with optimum sliding properties for additional noise reduction
  • hardened and ground output shaft
  • guaranteed lifetime of 5,000 hours (operating ratio cB = 1), at an
  • input speed of 3,000 rpm
  • maintenance-free grease lubrication for life
  • ambient temperature -20°C to +80 °C

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