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ebm-papst ZEITLAUF – spur gearheads

Spur gearheads from ebm-papst ZEITLAUF stand out in terms of space-saving design and extreme smoothness:

Choose from the following spur gearheads:

ebm-papst ZEITLAUF Compactline spur gearheads – maximum flexibility and smoothness

The standard modular system from ebm-papst ZEITLAUF includes Compactline spur gearhead ranges 90, 91 and 92. When dimensioning gear widths, in order to minimise noise in the first stage in particular, due attention was paid to having the greatest possible gear width and therefore a good contact ratio between the motor shaft and the intermeshing gearwheel.

Combining this greater gear width with the standard use of plastic for the gearwheel material makes Compactline spur gearheads extremely smooth-running and powerful. Ground and hardened output shafts and hardened gearwheels are standard in all Compactline gearheads. Die-cast zinc is used as carrier material.

Compactline 90 spur gearheads
Compactline 90 spur gearheads cover the widest reduction range of all Compactline spur gearheads. The reductions available in the standard modular system range from 11 : 1 to 537 : 1.

Compactline 91 spur gearheads
Compactline 91 spur gearheads differ from Compactline 90 versions in terms of the higher power that can be transferred. The reduction stages / the output speeds are somewhat different and therefore extend the range of uses to which Compactline gearheads can be put. We also provide a further applications interface with the 10 mm output shaft diameter.

Compactline 92 spur gearheads
High output torques distinguish Compactline 92 spur gearheads from the rest of the range. The torque obtainable from the shaft extends up to 15 Nm.

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ebm-papst ZEITLAUF Flatline spur gearheads – compact design

Flatline spur gearhead drive technology is the perfect answer whenever installation space is limited in length. Flatline spur gearheads include sizes 50, 78 and 85.

The first gears of all Flatline spur gearheads feature plastic gearwheels with angled toothing that provide optimum silencing. The following gears are all perfectly designed in terms of low noise generation and torque transmission. Ground and hardened output shafts and hardened gearwheels are standard in all Flatline spur gearheads. Die-cast zinc is used as carrier material.

Flatline 50 spur gearheads
Flatline 50 spur gearhead drive technology provides an additional plus in terms of length: the bearing shield of the built on shaded pole motor is integrated into the gearmotor carrier.

Flatline 78 spur gearheads
Flatline 78 spur gearheads cover the widest reduction range, i.e. from 39:1 (three-stage) to 2,136:1 (five-stage).

Flatline 85 spur gearheads
Flatline 85 spur gearheads are the power packs of the Flatline range. The torques obtainable extend all the way up to 30 Nm!

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ebm-papst ZEITLAUF NEMA connections for planetary gearheads and spur gearheads


ebm-papst ZEITLAUF has developed a perfect and above all standardised solution for users of small server and stepper motors with NEMA geometry:

gearheads that are readymade for attaching to NEMA motors. The NEMA interface permits the widest possible range of gears and motors to be assembled quickly, precisely and exactly-centred.

These gearmotors are available for sizes NEMA 17, 23 and 34. Our Flatline, Compactline, Performax and NoiselessPlus families each have one gearhead for all these sizes.

The advantages of NEMA connections from ebm-papst ZEITLAUF at a glance:

  • easy assembly
  • highly precise centring of the pinion
  • modular structure of the entire system
  • 174 alternatives (gearheads, reductions, types of output shaft bearing)
  • outstanding range of performance
  • noise optimized helical teeth in the 1st stage
  • plastic wheels with optimum sliding properties for additional noise reduction
  • hardened and ground output shaft
  • guaranteed lifetime of 5,000 hours (operating ratio cB = 1), at an
  • input speed of 3,000 rpm
  • maintenance-free grease lubrication for life
  • ambient temperature -20°C to +80°C

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